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423 N St Francis, Wichita, KS  67202               316-684-6508


Dunne Investments was formed by C.R. Dunne in 1997 as a holding company for the ownership of commercial real estate properties and crude oil & natural gas investments.  The company continues to primarily focus on these two investment categories and is constantly pursuing new opportunities throughout the region in these asset classes.  Allan Dunne, CEO, manages the company.  Ownership of the company is closely held by several family members.


The Dunne family has a long history of activity in a variety of Kansas businesses, beginning in 1897 with the formation of D. E. Dunne & Company, a Wichita based municipal bond business created by D. E. Dunne Sr.  

A second generation continued in this and other bond businesses, and over the years moved into oil and gas exploration and operations and several sizeable ranching operations.  The third generation, through a variety of entities, continued in the oil and gas and ranching businesses and ventured into commercial real estate development and investment.  The continued success in these industries led to the creation of several different companies over the years, including Dunne Investments, Inc. The company is now owned and led by the fourth generation of the family.


The Dunne Investment philosophy of placing capital is to use a detailed filter to identify opportunities to achieve

superior risk-adjusted returns in narrow, specific markets and to capitalize on these opportunities through ventures with expert partners. 


Dunne Investments currently owns or manages real estate in Wichita and Lawrence, KS and recently sold in Olathe, KS; Phoenix, AZ; and Oklahoma City, OK.  The company’s energy portfolio consists of holdings throughout Kansas and Oklahoma, eastern Colorado and Alaska’s north slope.  In addition to these two primary investment vehicles, the company has also invested in several other alternative investment categories, including venture capital, private equity and private note investments.


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